Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dannie's 12 hour Clic Sargent Readathon!

As part of a charity trek i am doing next year i am busy fundraising once again for the wonderful and fantastic Clic Sargent children's cancer charity. I have come across a great idea known as the readathon, where you can read for anything up to 12 hours and have set a date of Saturday 4th February starting at 9.30am. It costs £5 to register and there is a blog or facebook page you can follow and there will be prizes along the way.

I am now beginning the busy push to getting the readathon out there for people to become aware of and sign up to. So i urge you all to save the date and put it in your diary ready to take part on what should be a fun day. Details about the event are below.



Starting at 9.30am

Get yourself cosy, a pile of books organised, snacks sorted and sit back and relax ready to read for anything up to 12 hours in the Great 12 hour readathon!

£5 registration fee – Register online or email Dannie for further details.

you can get friends and family to sponsor you too, for however long you choose to read! Payments to be made via

Prizes to be won along the way, from books to book tokens and signed books.

You can keep up to date on all the goings on on the day at the blog, including further details about the challenge.

Part of Dannie's fundraising plans for Clic Sargent Thailand trek

CLIC Sargent registered charity number England 1107328

So if you want to join in, just sign up on the virgin page and follow the thailand blog or facebook page which can be found under 'Dannie's 12 hour clic sargent readathon.'

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Now officially over!

So 1001 days over and what a journey it has been, life has changed so much since i began on this challenge and it has been a good spring board to a whole new life for me. There were a few goals i didn't complete which i am ok about especially as my life list kind of took over this challenge as i went on to work on and achieve more amazing and fantastic goals.

I'm glad this challenge is over as i can now put it to the side as i feel that i outgrew it and in a way it stopped serving its purpose. I don't think i plan to work on another 101 list as i will just keep on working on things from my life list.

I am grateful for this challenge because if it wasn't for this challenge my life list wouldn't really have happened, it would have just been a piece of paper instead having actually come alive.

So goodbye to the 101 challenge and hello to the life list!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

With nine days left....

With nine days left to go, its time to review what i have left to complete and if i plan to finish any of the rest.

I have read my final books and have now completed read 33 books through out the challenge.

I have done one more session of pilates last week so thats now up to 10 sessions, with two left. I will be doing pilates tomorrow which will take me up to 11 with one more left to go and will get another one in next week, to see this goal completed.

The meditate twice a month one i can tick off as i have done this regularly throughout the challenge.

None of the other goals i will complete, however the life coaching and Dorn method i will still be working on. Over all i am more than happy with what i have completed through out this challenge and more importatly i am ecstatic about the new lift it has unleashed for me and gave me the motivation to start my new life list and complete so many wonderful things.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Getting there!

Although i wasn't really planning on working on the rest of this list as i feel i have exceeded things thanks to my life list goal, blog can be found here.....

However i have definitely done several things for it. I have read a few more books and now have a few more pages to read on my second to last book. I have started my last book and am about 30pages through, so have about 300 left to read before the end of September.

I am now regularly doing pilates and stretching and so thats taken attend/play 12 games or classes up to 9 and so will easily be finished by the end of this month.

Still working on life coaching, still haven't got dorn practices done and still haven't gone on a water slide, however my last remaining goals are certainly coming on and i am quite busy at the moment with life list stuff and with hypnosis stuff.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Some interesting, unplanned progress!

I had kind of decided to give up on this list, not because i didn't think i would get the last few remaining goals completed, but more so because i had moved on to my life list and that had become so much more important and ever lasting. I felt like i was completing far greater goals and more lasting and influential goals which over shadowed this list, however if it wasn't for the 101 list i would never have moved on to the life list and so i wouldn't be where i am now without it. I've had great fun completing the 101 goals and it has sparked off a whole new life for me, things i would never have considered before. When i started out on my 101 goal, i was working part time and had only been up and running a short while with my business, life has changed a great deal and i have gone self employed, allowing me more freedom and flexibility to enjoy my new life and get goals done, such as the ones on my life list.

After a wonderful week in Greece (although unfortunately my partner and I were full of cold!) i have seen a huge increase in getting goals done here! Whilst in Zante, i went swimming an impressive 14 times, from learning how to tread water, swim more lengths - which i had previously always been rubbish at, grew more confident in the water. A big thing, was being able to swim more confidently in the sea which i did several times, even jumping from a boat, into some deep water, about 15 metres deep! I can't believe how much my swimming has come on since going to Zante and how better i am at swimming and the fact that for the first time i actually swam in deep sea water and did so with ease, it really suprised me.

Whilst on holiday i read an impressive five books, i also read two books prior to going on holiday. I never anticipated that i might get this goal completed, as i felt i had fallen too far behind with it all. However i am now up to 30 books read, so only have three more to read by the end of September, which i feel is doable. I will work on this by carrying books in the car with me, so that when i have my breaks i can do my reading, which is what was helping me previously. I've really enjoyed getting the books read, as i read two books i would never have picked up previously, both books were very good and i will look out for these authors again. It was also good as it meant i was able to get rid of three books that i no longer wanted, all part of my attempts to declutter.

My life coaching course is now coming along and i am actually getting the work done. I don't anticipate getting it done by the end of this list, however i obviously plan to get it completed at some point, so although i won't complete this goal, if my course is still running along nicely by the end of the challenge, i will see this goal completed.

Whilst in Zante we also went horse riding along the sand dunes and the valley which was an amazing experience and i'm really glad we did it as it was great fun. My horse had a mind of its own and i had to show some control over it, which was easier than i thought and also great that my horse had a real character, even if it did want to cross the road with the cars still going! I really enjoyed the horse riding and having to control the horse and it was great to complete this goal in such a far flung place, it wasn't exactly where i had planned to complete the goal!

I do hope to get the water slide goal done though soon at one point.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Plod plod plod away!

So, only two weeks left at work now before i leave, so won't have that much time to do the list, so am just plodding along on the last several goals.

I am working on reading the books and have nearly finished reading a book. Am hoping once i go full time i will get more time to read, especially on a morning.

Am ticking off do certificate in play therapy, as although i didn't fully complete it, i did the work for it and attended the majority of it, so am happy with how much i did for it.

I have sourced some exercise classes to go to once i go fully self employed and plan to go around once a week. So, by the time September comes around i will have completed this goal. I also plan to get some swimming sessions in too.

Still haven't been down a water slide, i had hoped to go this coming weekend, but no one was available to go with me, so that went that idea!

I still need to work on Dorn and the life coaching course!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Almost there now!

So, i have a few months left on this challenge and will finish it officially on 1st October. With just under six months to go, i have completed a couple more goals and well under way with most of the remaining ones. I have completed keeping a diary for a year as have been doing this for over a year now. I also did my last baking session, so that goal is now completed.

I still have quite a few books left to read, but have two on the go at the moment and need to have read 11 by the end of the six months, which i think is doable, although i need to start picking it up a bit now!

I'm still working on the play therapy and will spend this weekend working on homework for my course and completing bits of my course work. I now have only one more session at college to go, then just need to do all the paper work etc for it. The hours are going fine, although i have only done about 14, so have about 86 left to go, which is somewhat depressing. I do hope to start picking it up a bit more, especially once i have gone full time and perhaps then, i might be able to do it at my preschool job too.

Whilst on my china trip we did several sessions of Chi Kung and tai chi so i have done four more sessions of sports/games etc. I have also begun looking in to starting doing chi kung properly now i am back home. I now think this goal is manageable and i will be able to get it completed before the end, as when i go self employed i plan to attend at least one exercise class a week. So, this goal is now manageable.

The others need some working on and i really need to get some simple ones completed, such as doing the Dorn practices to have this completed. Also, the water slide as i have been meaning to do this one for ages!

Plan of action now is to get working on the play therapy course and get that up to date. This will involve reading another book. Also, to get another Dorn practice in again, might need to start roping the friends in!